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Tondaya recieved
the Prize of Kyoto City Oscar Award.


ひとりでできる 基本の着つけ←How to wear Kimono

↓Japanese Manner


京都西陣、愛すればこそ←「Kyoto Nishijin Aisurebakoso」 by Mineko Tanaka



↑The 13th owner of Tondaya, Mineko Tanaka
Tondaya is located in Neighboring Kyoto's main textile centre and preserved Machiya townhouse including tea room, antique furniture and kimono dating back to nearly 130 years ago. You can have exceptional authentic Japanese experiences and learn more about Japan.

Hours of operation: 10:00-5:00
Cultural Expereience at ondaya

            Cultural Experiences

Machiya Townhouse Tour

Tea Ceremony

Kimono Wearing

Wedding Kimono Wearing

Bubuzuke Bento(Lunch Box)


■ 2011.11.30 update 

Special New Year Program
Experience traditioanl Japanese New 
Year at Tondaya

Option and rate:
Machiya Townhouse Tour 2100¥
Machiya Townhouse Tour + 
Tea Ceremony 4200¥
Machiya Townhouse Tour+
Kimono wearing 6300¥
Machiya Townhouse Tour+
Traditional Bento Lunch 6300¥
Machiya Townhouse Tour + 
Tea Ceremony+
Kimono wearing + 
Traditional Bento Lunch 12,600¥

2009.11.07 update

The 13th owner, Mineko TANAKA will be in London in this November for Fan dance and Kimono Talk.
Fan dance

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  • November 10th, 11th, and 12th 2009 Kimono Talk & Demonstration at London in UK.

  • November 11th, 2008 Kimono Show at London in UK.

  • 2006 Kimono Show at Vancouver, in Canada.